Workshop topics Jessica is uniquely qualified to facilitate for you or your group:

  • Child, Family or Adult Grief healing weekend away from it all.

  • A day or weekend of Creative Growth & Team building for Creative Industry Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

  • Holiday Ginger Bread Home Workshop (because not everyone's "house" looks the same).

  • A healing respite day for Caregiver support.

  • Music groups for cognitive stimulation & socialization.

  • Needlecraft groups for socialization & stress reduction.

  • A day of learning & self care for mothers of all ages.

  • Self-care day for those studying for Final or Clinical Exams.

  • Bereavement groups customized to your location.

  • Art education or stress-reduction groups for all ages.

  • Cursive writing for elementary & middle schoolers.

  • An artful night out for couples or families looking for a meaningful and fun experience.

Don’t see something that works for you? Check back soon as the one thing we can count on for sure in life is change! If you have a wish for a workshop or retreat that is customized to you or your organization, contact me and let's make it happen!