"Why can't people hear or see me for who I really am? The adult world is scary, confusing and let's face it, kind of boring — I'm just not ready for the responsibility."


self-esteem, anxiety, professional skills, creative inner (or outer) critics, goal setting, stress regulation, social skills, relationships, job loss, interpersonal communication, failure to launch

Creative and artistic professionals are talented in ways others are not, because they actually use their brains differently. No, you are not a freak, or stupid, in fact you may be quite the opposite. It just doesn't feel like it. Sure you might not be able to spell or were never taught math a way you could absorb it. You probably also have trouble staying fully focused or organized. 

This is because you problem solve with a different part of the brain. Once you understand how your unique brain works, those big feelings can be used for your craft, and you CAN also learn to regulate them when you need to. Adulting while overly emotional just doesn't work out very well. If you are reading this, you probably already know that. (Or you can just ask your ex or your boss.)

During our sessions, whether you are a new young adult professional just starting out, or a seasoned pro, we will fully explore and map out your thought process, your patterns that serve you well and those that don't. We'll take a look visually at the problem saturated story that is always running in your head, keeping you up at night, and what may be keeping you from healthy relationships, career success, prosperity and the peaceful, calm, creative life that you desire. 

Whether you are a visual or performance artist, actor, designer, writer, show runner, photographer, musician, dancer or architect, You have a gift. As a Hollywood native and Global Director of Art & Design for many years, I speak your language and provide the safe, confidential spot in the heart of Hollywood for you to speak and be heard too.