Can you help me?  I'll do my very best.

I've spent many years professionally training and working specifically in the area of life-stage challenges. It seems we just get life figured out and it sends us a curve ball in a new direction. During each of these transitions, I help you set goals, relieve stress, communicate better, regulate your emotions, gain coping skills for anxiety, anger or depression, and most importantly teach you about how your own unique brain works so that you can manage your day to day life with calm. While no therapist or counselor can guarantee a result, I am qualified, knowledgable and passionate about helping people navigate life stage challenges so they can bring calm and joy back to their lives.

What do you charge?  I know this is hard to ask.

I understand that this is truly an investment in yourself or your family and I take that honor very seriously. Your time will be well spent. I understand it can be uncomfortable, yet if at any point you would like to discuss fees personally, please just ask. Quality Art materials are included for all sessions. Payments may be made by check,  FSA or HSA cards, and all major credit cards, 

  • Initial 20 minute phone consultation - FREE*

  • Individual Session (60 min) - $140

  • Extended Individual Session (90 min) - $180

  • Family Session with or without Client (60 min) - $140, (90 min) - $180

  • Group Counseling or Support Group (90min) - $65 per week, per member

  • Phone Calls Lasting Beyond 15min - $50 per additional 15min interval (for in-person clients only)

  • Cancellation Fee (waived if given 24 hours notice) - Full Cost of Session

  • Community support: I keep a few lower-cost sessions a week open for students and those with financial constraints. Please call to discuss availability or for a referral to meet your need.

*Required for all New Clients.

Do you take insurance?   Like most relationships, it's complicated.

For purposes of confidentiality and also my belief that much of what my clients experience is a natural part of the human life stage process, I have chosen not to contract in-network with any insurance companies at this time. This means you may have as many sessions as you feel you need and that no company can request your records any time they want. It also means that I am paid a fair wage that enables me to keep my practice open so I can help take care of you and your family, as well as myself and my family.

If you have out-of-network PPO benefits, I am happy to supply you with a detailed Superbill of your sessions and instructions of how you can communicate with your insurance company to be reimbursed to the fullest extent your plan with them allows. If I am unable to accept you into my practice at this time, as a courtesy I will help you find a referral to a lower-cost community agency. Unfortunately, I can not guarantee their space availability or if the clinician provided will be fully licensed or certified.

What if I can't draw?   No problem.

Art Therapy is not about talent. Like English, French or American Sign Language, it is about learning a new visual language to communicate your thoughts and feelings. It is about reducing stress, not causing it. The art making is about the process, not about the final result. If you have any concerns about the materials at any point, please let me know. We work with pencils, markers, pastels, paint, clay, sand, photography, collage, 3-D building, music making, you name it. If you have materials you love to use, bring them in! I also have taught art for many years, so if you need or want, I can help you learn to use the mediums that work best for you.

Can I just sit on the couch?   Why yes, yes you can.

In my Larchmont Village office, affectionately called "The Limbic Lounge," we'll use a vast array of art materials and a gentle pace to help unlock your cognitive barriers, while the therapeutic creative process itself is enjoyable, relieves stress & builds coping skills. I love helping make sense of life stages and bringing new tools and options for my clients, their families and their futures. Yet I do understand it is not for everyone. I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, so if you wish to not make art and want to process your needs in a more traditional manner, I am happy to do that too. Of course, Art Therapy is so much more engaging and dynamic than traditional therapy which involves sitting and talking on a couch. (Although I do have a couch with lots of comfy pillows, so if you just want to use your time to escape the world and rest for a while - you can do that too!)

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