"I'm tired, frustrated and just trying to be a good parent. Can you help me help my child?"

peace in the home, childhood anxiety or depression, social skills, behavior modification, self-esteem, child of divorce, ADHD, Gifted & Talented (GATE) enrichment, co-parenting coaching, school transitions, sibling rivalry, communication issues, and cursive writing training (for when thoughts move quicker than the hand.) 

It's late, maybe even the wee hours, and here you are searching amongst the mountain of options for parenting help in Los Angeles. What you really need is just someone to help you get your life back in the midst of a whirlwind of getting your kiddos out the door for school, managing music classes, sports, creative endeavors and the endless research of private, charter, magnet, SAS or good old fashioned LAUSD neighborhood schools. Sure all parents could use some help, but you know... this time it feels different.

If you and your child are in an endless spiral of yelling, not listening, social skills issues, or problems at school, it may be more than you can handle on your own. If your spouse or co-parent is not on the same page about bedtime, discipline, or meal-time drama, it can be exhausting and so very frustrating. If there are special needs, trauma or grief — it gets even more complicated. 

My work as a school-based counselor, an art educator, and as a parent myself, has given me the real world tools I just love to share with new and even seasoned parents. I help adults (and kids!) understand the science behind their brains, and the secrets of child development that will bring you a new awareness and a fresh, loving and kinder approach. The art making we do provides you a quiet and enjoyable process for stress reduction as well as insight into the baggage carried from your own childhood and perhaps the parenting methods you only use because they were modeled by your parents.  Art Therapy provides a catalyst for conversation and a way to begin when you don't know where to start. Call today for your free 20 minute consultation, and let's create a colorful calming roadmap for you and your family.

New Creative Offering! Cursive writing no longer is taught in most schools and I find kids are having a tough time when their brains move faster than their hands can write block letters. I use art materials and special tactile techniques to help ease anxiety around writing and take that extra strain off homework and classroom struggles.

please note: While I do help children of divorce learn to understand their new normal and ease the tension and anxiety that can affect them for a lifetime, I am not trained nor certified as a court expert, and as such, do not offer court custody evaluations.