kids, teens & their parents

Having a vast knowledge of how kids, teens and adult brains perceive and react in the world, I have developed a special fondness for working with kids & parents to help them understand themselves and the world around them.

I see children and teens individually, as well as offer co-parents or single parents customized skill building and tool development for navigating today's tough parenting challenges.  

If you have noticed a change in the way your child typically learns, behaves, or handles their emotions, or if they have been given a specific diagnosis such as ADHD, OCD, PTSD or Child Anxiety from a Pediatrician, Psychologist or Psychiatrist, we can work together to figure out what that means for your daily routine and how to adapt to living with the feelings, behavior strategies, social skills and stigma this can bring into your life.  

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young adults & creative professionals

Whether you need help navigating what it means to be an adult with family members, co-workers, or just to be at piece with getting to know your own true authentic self, setting aside individual time for self care, exploration and a place to unleash all those big feelings in a safe, scientifically sound and healthy way is so important!

It can mean the difference between wanting to get up in the morning or just needing to stay in and pull the covers back over your head. Most people wait years before getting the wellness help they really need. Don't wait, it doesn't have to be such a hurdle, in fact it can be fun and bring you growth in directions you haven't even thought of.

Let's take the time to review where you've been, where you are going, who you have authoring your story, and who takes membership in your life. If a life event or transition has put up a roadblock, let's get you unstuck and back in charge of your own life.

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seniors & care partners

It is my honor to respectfully help people of all ages lead dignified, valued lives. If you are in search of escape from isolation, understanding, education, respite, cognitive stimulation or are interested in learning how art making has been used in the treatment of memory loss, — Art Therapy sessions may significantly help with decline in socialization, anxiety, and the frustrations of retirement, moving from your home, or of an Alzheimer's or dementia fear or diagnosis. 

I provide senior counseling, psychotherapy and facilitate education or support groups both in my office on Larchmont Blvd, in Central Los Angeles, and also in-home or over the telephone if it is difficult to get out and about.

Please know I am a Licensed mental health professional, yet I am not trained or certified for physical care. If you require caregiver assistance during your sessions, please give me a call and we can together come up with a custom plan for you or your loved one.