"I wish there were an anti-aging cream to get rid of retirement, moving and memory issues!"

Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer's education and support, retirement issues, anxiety or depression, memory loss, Parkinson's, lewy body dementia, moving from your long-time home, parent-child relationship issues, new found love, creative cognitive enrichment, art making for stress reduction and self-care, grief & loss.

I don't have to tell you that this stage of life is perhaps one of the hardest. You are a seasoned adult with a lifetime of experience and a wealth of knowledge in your rearview mirror, yet you find yourself isolated, disrespected, fearful of the future, and unseen or heard. Your days are spent more with doctors appointments these days than with your grandchildren and you wish there was a quiet space to unload your frustrations and face your fears with a trusted adult who will respectfully treat you like one too.

If you have been forced into retirement before you are ready, or have been diagnosed with a form of memory loss, it is understandable to feel angry, frustrated confused and sad. Trying to cover for family or friends is an endless effort and you are finally ready to learn more, or perhaps tell your story before it is too late. 

During my almost five years of service at OPICA adult day & counseling center, I had the honor to lead and develop programs which were strong on science-based proven methods of healing and wellness balanced with creativity, humor, friendship and yes, even joy. For Alzheimer's Greater Los Angeles, I developed (together with members of the LA Opera) a music appreciation and cognitive stimulation program and am a trained facilitator for their Memories in the Making program, which provides a creative and non-verbal way of communicating and capturing precious moments through art. 

If I can be of individualized service to you or someone you love, please call for a free 20 minute consultation to discuss options for bringing you respite and peace of mind.