"I am so overwhelmed by a range of grief feelings. Will I ever move forward & feel normal again?"

overwhelm, family dynamics, crush of logistics, unresolved complicated relationships, anxiety, depression, conflicted spiritual, cultural or religious beliefs, isolation, yearning, feeling the pain of loss, explosive reactions, not getting a chance to say goodbye, maybe not feeling at all and wondering why? 

Sometimes there are lots of words, sometimes words just can't say what is in our hearts. Art making or even just simple shapes, colors, collage materials or the sensory touch of clay can provide an outlet to express and process your grief. Together we will gently unfold your grief journey and develop custom tools you can use to help move forward in your daily life with peace of mind and calm of heart.

I know a death is not something you "get over," it stays with you. Yet I also know you will evolve as a person and you can learn to create a space for new meaning and grow your life beyond the traumatic event. Your relationship was defined by more than the date or cause of death, and with careful consideration and processing, you can see the sun shine again and not feel the weight so heavy.

When someone we love dies, the extreme stress and emotional toll leaves our Limbic system on overload, flooded with memories, and conflicting sensory input. When bereaved, our planning & logic ability basically just checks out and is in a fog.

This is why it seems so hard, perhaps even cruel for people to have to handle so many logistics after a death. It also can explain the dramatic family dynamics that also happen. Understanding how your brain is functioning during the grief process, can help you regulate your emotional system, if only enough to get you through the things you have to do each day. Tools I share, can't make events reverse, but they can help ease the weight of the loss.

You may find it especially hard to find a good resource to help explain death to children who have lost a parent, sibling or grandparent. It is my honor to educate and provide the tools and a safe space for all ages to process the complicated emotions, feelings and behaviors that may come after a death.

My extensive training and focused work with adults, assisted living environments, schools, and grief camps across Southern California, has well prepared me to have the honest and tough conversations others in your life might shy away from. Whether with individuals or when facilitating a support group, it is my honor to listen to your story, to hear about your relationships, and to bear witness to your loved one's significant role in your life.

If you are looking for an experienced adult or child counselor & therapist that uses Art Therapy for grief related issues in Los Angeles, please click below or give a call to get the real help you need.