Death of a Grandparent Teen Support Lounge

Grief therapy for loss 2 years ago or less

You can’t believe it. The person you are perhaps closest to in the whole world is now gone. You shared secrets, time together, and even the same eyes or hair. The loss of a grandparent can often be a teen’s first experience with death. It is difficult because everyone else is grieving too and yet, they don’t always have the time or understand how this loss has truly affected your life. It is important to know you are not alone.

Teenagers and Grandparents form a common bond, perhaps tighter than other relationships because they are both focused on personal identity. Teens focus on what their life will be like, and elders on review of a life lived. They share hopes, dreams, laughter and sorrows.

Getting together with other teens helps normalize the feelings, emotions and strong thoughts and memories that come with the death of a loved one. In this supportive group, we explore relationships, share stories, build a feelings vocabulary and answer the tough questions about death and dying that may be just too hard to ask anyone else.

Art making in the form of collage, painting, drawing, clay formation and music is stress relieving and therapeutic, as well as creates a safe space for big feelings and emotional processing. Coping tools are developed and genuine and honest topics about death and dying are discussed in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

• Please note: Due to the nature of this teen group members are limited to age 13-18. If you are in need of individual or family support for ages younger or older, or for losses other than of a grandparent, please contact us for more options.

• If you think a private individual or family session of your own may be more helpful, contact me today for a free 20 minute consultation and we'll find you the right form of help for your situation.

— All support groups held in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles —
Fall & Winter 2018 groups now forming.
Call for more info or to reserve your spot.

Finding a safe place to be with others who "get" what you are going through is not always easy. I bring together like-minded people working on similar struggles for support, guidance and healing. Because these groups are carefully curated for the best possible helpful experience, you must give a call for an intake interview to be admitted to a support group at The Limbic Lounge.

Please know there may be a waiting list for some groups for a couple months, so please call today for availability or to reserve your spot. 

  • All groups are $65 per session, per member.

  • 1.5 hours duration

  • Group meetings are weekly and are on-going.

  • A 10 week commitment is recommended to form a solid group of peers, though not required. Most members stay longer.

  • Each group is capped at 6 members to ensure an intimate, personal experience with time for everyone to speak (or just listen).

  • All materials Included. No specific talent required. This art is for expression, not your Mom's refrigerator. There is no right or wrong.

  • Can be in addition or alternative to individual therapy if you find being with others helpful or if individual fees are beyond your budget.