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Personal Psychotherapy Support Lounge

A safe emotional processing space

Whether you are a Psychology Grad Student, an AMFT, or APCC, you have chosen this amazing field of psychology and therapy because you truly want to help others, yet you know deep down this whole learning process and long journey has left you really needing a little mental health help for yourself. This group is much needed self-care and personal growth for you, while at the same time helping you to gain those golden triple-counted trainee or associate BBS hours, at a rate you can afford.

The need for clinicians to themselves take part in personal therapy has long been debated. In fact, we are now on the cusp of the California Board of Behavioral Sciences removing the requirement for future MFTs or PCCs to have to spend any time sitting opposite a licensed professional in a personal psychotherapy experience. This makes me a little sad as I know how very stressful life can be at any stage, yet especially during the transition journey of grad school to licensure.

Whether you need the personal psychotherapy hours to graduate, or to finish up earning your BBS hours, for personal development or personal growth, this is really what this group is all about. Taking time for yourself is so very important and adds knowledge and skills so you can comprehend more effectively the counseling process.  Perhaps even more importantly, it promotes self-awareness, mindfulness of being in the therapeutic space, triggers & transference help, and learning about your own unique brain so you can teach and guide others. 

This supportive group is designed especially for interns, associates & students traveling the dedicated yet difficult journey to licensure. It is a creative, safe, therapeutic place to discuss personal and pre-licensure related issues beyond your practicum or intern sites. Stress & anxiety around gaining hours, test taking, financial & family pressure will be explored through art making & meaningful discussion with others who "get" the dedication and sacrifices you are making to be on this journey. 

  • Please note: This is not a supervision group. It may fulfill your needs for graduation or the BBS requirements of personal psychotherapy hours when applicable. (This will depend on if you will complete your hours by December 31, 2020 and are following the path of Option 2.) If you are gaining hours for Option 2, your max hours gained for personal psychotherapy are 100 - triple counted!! In most cases, Personal Psychotherapy hours can be counted beginning on the date you begin your grad school degree program so don't wait!

  • Please check with your grad school advisor or the supervisor signing your forms to make sure this is a right fit for you. You are responsible for management of your own hours. If you think a private individual session of your own may be more helpful, contact me today for a free 20 minute consultation and we'll find you the right form of help for your situation.

  • AMFT: Registered associate marriage and family therapist

  • APCC: Registered associate professional clinical counselor

  • If you think a private individual session of your own may be more helpful, contact me today for a free 20 minute consultation and we'll find you the right form of help for your situation.

— All support groups held in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles —
Fall & Winter 2018 groups now forming.
Call for more info or to reserve your spot.

Finding a safe place to be with others who "get" what you are going through is not always easy. I bring together like-minded people working on similar struggles for support, guidance and healing. Because these groups are carefully curated for the best possible helpful experience, you must give a call for an intake interview to be admitted to a support group at The Limbic Lounge.

Please know there may be a waiting list for some groups for a couple months, so please call today for availability or to reserve your spot. 

  • All groups are $65 per session, per member.

  • 1.5 hours duration

  • Group meetings are weekly and are on-going.

  • A 10 week commitment is recommended to form a solid group of peers, though not required. Most members stay longer.

  • Each group is capped at 6 members to ensure an intimate, personal experience with time for everyone to speak (or just listen).

  • All materials Included. No specific talent required. This art is for expression, not your Mom's refrigerator. There is no right or wrong.

  • Can be in addition or alternative to individual therapy if you find being with others helpful or if individual fees are beyond your budget.